Saturday, July 18, 2009

Medical School Graduation

We did it!!! I am so proud of Cabe and all that he has accomplished over the last 4 years. Not only did he graduate from Med School, but he had 2 babies during it, was a counselor in the bishopric, managed to still take his wife out occasionally, and was an amazing dad for the whole 4 years. What a guy:) We would also like to thank all of our parents who have supported us over the years, we know this is a proud day for you as well. Thank you to all our friends and family who made it to the graduation, and the party after wards. We love you all!

Cabe and Laron

Sandi and Rachel

Cabe and Steele

Ed, Shawna, Jeff, Amber, Josh, Cabe, Sandi

Fourth of July

We had a good fourth of July. We had Brunch at Joe and Lisa's house in the morning, then swimming at the pool, then a bar b que at Mike and Leanna's, and then we ended the day with fireworks. Only thing that sucked was that Cabe had to work that whole day and night :(

Mike, Leanna, Eden, and Max
Joe, Lisa, and Sadie
Carson and Taylor

Devon and Hunter

Sydney's 1st Birthday

I can't believe she's one! We had such a fun birthday. She started the day off with doughnuts and juice and Grandpa Mike and Grandma Jeri's birthday gift, the walking shopping cart. She loved it as you can see. Later when Cabe got home we had a party with our close friends. She got some fun gifts, and loved her Hello Kitty Cake (which I made, that's why there are no pictures, it was that sad of a cake). She is our little cutie!

Our New House in Texas

This is our new house. We absolutely love it! It fits our family perfectly. The neighborhood we live in has a pool we get to go to, which is such a necessity here. It is very hot, but we were so sick of the cold that we don't mind the heat at all. We have made some really great friends here, and we are by so many fun things. Cabe has started working at the hospital and likes it, well, kind of likes its. Right now he is on a rotation that works him hard and long. His first week he worked over 100 hours, it was crazy. But he's doing well, the kids are doing good, and I'm doing great! I LOVE having a house!