Thursday, April 2, 2009


We had so much fun bowling last weekend with the Fellers. All the kids had a blast, even Whitney and Jed. Carson was very serious and quite competitive, he did manage to get one strike:) which he was very excited about. We found the perfect bowling place called Fat Cats. It has bowling, video games, and toys to play on, it's also connected to the Pizza Factory so you can order pizza and they bring it to your bowling table. It was so fun for the kids and for the adults.

Day at the Zoo

We spent a beautiful day at the zoo. We went with our good friends the McIntyres, and had a great time.


Our little Sydney is almost 9 months and has started to crawl!! She is the youngest of our kids to start crawling, usually they don't move much until like 10 months. She is so much fun to watch crawl around, and she's getting much more playful.We love her cure smile, and we're happy we get to see it often:)


Soccer has stared!! Carson and Devon are on separate teams this year, because of their age. Devon gets to be on the same team as his cousins Kaciann and Lexi, which is very fun. Devon is enjoying soccer this year much more compared to last. He actually is running for the ball and every once in a while gets a good kick in. It's so fun to watch him play.